There are challenging areas in each of our lives where we need encouragement and help to meet Christ in the details. Whether it is marriage, anxiety, conflict, parenting, or facing fear, Scripture calls us “bear one another’s burdens, and so fulfill the law of Christ” (Gal 6:2). As a church, one way we seek to do this by providing trained mentors who can meet for 6-8 weeks to help you with a topic by going through a book that can help you find Christ in the heart of what you’re facing.

How it works

Each of our mentors have been selected by our elder team because of their strengths in personal ministry. They have undergone at least 40 hours of classroom and practical training through Christian Counseling and Education Foundation materials in partnership with Redemption Counseling Ministries –  though most have over 60 hours of training. They work with you to set personal goals and find a book study to help you find God’s grace in the heart of whatever issue you’re facing with humility and biblical wisdom. 

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Our Mentors

  • Bruce Albrecht

    Married (to Diane), empty nester who loves outdoor activities, connecting with others and seeking Christ together. Mentoring areas include marriage, sexual purity, dysphoria, workplace problems/leadership, grief, depression, and anxiety.

    Diane Albrecht

    Married (to Bruce), empty nester who enjoys walks, gardening, and connecting with friends. Mentoring areas include marriage and a variety of topics.

  • Karen Crisler

    Deeply values creating a space in the church that doesn’t shy away from hard, honest, grief and questions, while also clinging to the hope that one day all sorrow will be redeemed.  Mentoring areas include spiritual direction, conflict and forgiving, grief, identity/purpose, and marriage.

  • Gretchen Dominowski

    Strives to connect with others in a way that is supportive, encouraging, and growth-oriented. Mentoring areas include anxiety, depression, anger, conflict, grief, identity/purpose, relationships, and suffering.

  • Tana Frost

    Dedicated to helping people rely on the God Of All Comfort through difficult times. Mentoring areas include: grief, anger, conflict, forgiveness, life transitions, anxiety, marriage, parenting, and relationships.

  • Stephen Schwandt

    Passionate about guiding others to experience the God of all comfort and the hope of the Gospel that helped him overcome his own battle with anxiety and depression. Mentoring areas include anxiety, anger, depression, marriage, and parenting.

  • Noah Smith

    Deeply appreciates the comfort of insightful, godly conversations at so many crucial points in his life and is eager to participate in a ministry that supports the common yet extraordinary grace of fellowship. Mentoring areas include: purity, loneliness, grief, depression, suffering, and communion with God. 

  • Sandy Tobias

    The Lord has used my own struggles to teach me to sit with and listen quietly to others who find bumps along the way, as I do. Mentoring areas include anxiety, communion with God, depression, grief, identity/purpose, relationships, marriage, suffering, and spiritual direction.