Emmaus Road Diaconate

The office of Deacon is one of sympathy and service, after the example of the Lord Jesus; it expresses also the communion of saints, especially in their helping one another in time of need. It is the duty of the deacons to minister to those who are in need, to the sick, to the friendless, and to any who may be in distress. 

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  • Lori Cramer

    Deacon Assistant

    Lori grew up in northern Michigan and moved to Wisconsin after college. While she works part-time for two small companies (PoppingFUN and Pfhix) and volunteers as a Girl Scout leader, she spends much of her time managing the family calendar and making sure everyone gets where they need to be with whatever they need to have with them. Over the years, Lori has served the church in various capacities, but this will be her first experience on a deacon team. She wants to join the deacon team as an opportunity to connect with more people and find different ways to share God's love with others. She also looks forward to working alongside Dan on the deacon team as they typically have served in different ways and on different schedules.

  • Tana Frost

    Deacon Assistant

    Tana was born and raised in Montana, where she was involved in a home church, made a decision for Christ at the age of 12, and was encouraged in her Christian growth by her mother, grandmother, and extended family. Family is important to her. She was a widow for 8 years before marrying Mark Frost. Together they have 4 adult children and 7 grandchildren. Her hobbies include travel, horses, bicycling, reading, movies, board games, and cooking. Her purpose in serving as a deacon assistant is to glorify Christ through serving the needs of her local church. She puts people before things, believing we can all use a little help some time. She finds it a pleasure getting to know new people and helping visitors feel welcome and comfortable at Emmaus Road. 

  • Phil Stoffel


    Phil was born and raised in Appleton, WI and has been married to his wife Danielle for 7 years.  They have two boys – Reuel (4) and Pierce (2). Phil has also spent time living in Statesboro, Georgia as well in China. For the last five years, Phil has worked for World Relief Fox Valley, helping refugees with immigration legal work as well as helping them find employment.  Besides his love of playing sports, Phil is a Wisconsin sports ‘homer’ and loves all things Packers, Brewers, Badgers and Bucks as well as 70s & 80s love ballads. Most of all, Phil loves spending time at home with his wife and family, wrestling with his boys, pointing his family towards Christ, and serving those in need.

  • Scott Tobias


    Scott considers the opportunity to serve Emmaus Road as a deacon as an honor which he believes fits his gifting. He prefers to work behind the scenes: helping, fixing, building, listening, and guiding. He has served as a deacon for many years in a previous church and has been blessed to see how a little help can change a person’s life. Along with his wife, Sandy, he looks forward to serving this body that has become their church family.

    Sandy Tobias

    Deacon Assistant


    Sandy would like to partner with Scott to serve our church family side by side with him as a deacon assistant. She would find it a joy to touch lives together and help others in our church body.  She is especially excited to help develop ways that our church can be more involved with the community at large to help spread the love of Christ that has grown so richly in our church.

  • Jason Greenlee


    Jason grew up in North Carolina and moved to Appleton with his wife Samantha in 2012. Now they have 3 wonderful children. He has always enjoyed working with his hands and loves his job of building cabinets at Gulfstream. He enjoys using the skills God has given to serve and help others, so as serving as a deacon he feels that God is opening a door to grow in that area within the church. In his “free time (really, is there such a thing as free time with three kids?) he enjoys hunting and being in the woods.