A people together reconciled by grace

2 Cor. 5:17-21

Reconciled by Grace:

It is by God's unmerited love that we are able to be united as a church, be at peace with one another, and live as new creations. It is this grace freely given to us through Christ, who empowers us through His Spirit to enter into a broken world and, through word and deed, bring the message of reconciliation to our city, our region, and our world.

A People Together Reconciled:

We strive to be a church that knows each other and lives out forgiveness, love, and the grace of Christ with each other. Being united through our adoption by God the Father, we learn from people of different generations, economic backgrounds, and cultural backgrounds. 

by grace reconciling what is broken

We believe that the world is God's creation, but has been tainted by the fall. Art, vocation, the city, schools, government, etc. are all under the sovereignty of God. These elements of God's creation point to His common grace, and their deficiencies point to the need for salvation, through God’s Son, Jesus Christ.