Counseling Ministry

People come into counseling for a number of reasons, some of which are clear and some of which are still uncertain. But you probably are here because there is an area of your life in which you are experiencing hurt or difficulty. It is our hope here that God would, through the process of counseling, demonstrate His great love for you, show you more of His character, and bring healing and restoration to those areas of your life which are in need of his gracious care.

Our counseling ministry consists of our pastoral counselor and lay (volunteer) counselors. Our pastoral counselor is unlicensed, but he has an MDiv and a doctor of ministry degree focused on Christ-centered counseling. All of our lay counselors are unlicensed, but each has significant training (at least 50 hours) in helping people walk with Christ through complicated problems. They have been trained through materials from the Christian Counseling and Education Foundation through Emmaus Road Church's partnership with Redemption Counseling Ministries. Each has been recruited by our elder team based on their gifting and experience in personal ministry. 

If you are interested in pursuing counseling at Emmaus Road Church, please complete our initial form by clicking the "Request Help" button below.

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